How do I calculate how much grout I need?

To work out how much grout you’ll need, follow this easy 6-step calculation :

Tile width (mm) + tile height (mm) = A. Size of spacers (mm) x tile thickness (mm) = B. A x B x 1.2 (this number is the coverage ratio of all Ultra. Tile grouts) = C. Tile width (mm) x tile height (mm) = D.

This metric tile grout coverage calculator will provide an estimate of how much grout you will need to tile a specific wall or floor area size and is suitable for all types of tiles including mosaic tiles. To use this grout calculator, enter the tile size, joint width and depth in Millimetres (mm), and tiling area in Metres Squared (m 2). Your result will be displayed in the yellow boxes in Kilograms (kg).

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The amount of grout you will need depends upon the size of the tile and the thickness of the tile that you have chosen. It will also vary depending upon the size of the spacers you have chosen to go between your tiles – these can range from 1mm to 10mm and the most common sizes are 3 or 4mm.

How much Grout per square foot?

In order to find out how many pound of grout you will need, multiply the number from the table times the number of square feet of tile you will be installing. For example, a 3/8″ x 3/8″ x 3/8″ tile and a 1/16″ joint width will require 0.94 pounds of grout per square foot.

To simplify, below is the formula to calculate the amount of grout you need.

What is a substitute for grout?

Requires minimal scrubbing. Non-abrasive scrub is good for most surfaces. Good for countertops, showers, and toilets.

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Kerakoll Fugalite® Bio, green Building rating of 3. The Kerakoll Fugalite® Bio is the only epoxy grout on this list with a Green. Building rating of 3. Suitable for exterior applications. You can install the Kerakoll Fugalite® Bio epoxy grout outdoors due to its high resistance to UV rays. Dermatologically tested, and certified durable epoxy grout are a few more things to pay attention too.

How to professionally clean your Grout?

Steps For Tile Cleaning. Sweeping or vacuuming all soils and loose dirt in your tilesApply a neutral or appropriate tile cleaning solution and then mop or scrub your tilesApplying steam cleaning process to your tiles. Letting your tiles air dry or assisted with an electric fan.

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