What laminate flooring to avoid?

You can tell how durable a laminate floor is likely to by simply checking the Abrasion Class Rating (AC Rating)., and style. At the very least, the laminate flooring should be even, tight fitting and level so that it fits snugly on your subfloor.

One frequent answer is, specifically, I’d recommend companies like Pergo Laminate Flooring and Shaw Flooring. Both Pergo and Shaw have quality control in place to make sure that you are getting the best product possible.

Laminate flooring should be between 6-12mm thick. In fact, there isn’t any laminate over 12mm. The highest quality laminate is usually 10mm or 12m in thickness. If the budget is tight you can get by with 7 or 8mm though.

Another thing we wondered was, what are the best laminate flooring companies?

One source proposed laminate is not typically recycled because it is hard to do so. Because of the water-resistant quality, you can now mop your laminate like you with any other type of floor. A couple extra ideas to take a look at are: genuedge & hydroseal, ac4 rating, and uniclic.

What do you need to put laminate flooring in?

To put a laminate floor over a low-pile carpet, you need the following tools and supplies : Floor vacuum
Clean rags
A scrubbing brush
A bucket of water
Laminate flooring or boards
A circular saw or table saw
A rubber mallet or hammer
A measuring tape


Before installing laminate flooring over concrete, prepare the surface properly. Remove baseboards and molding. After ensuring that the floor is level, install the moisture barrier sheeting of polyethylene film, overlapping the edges by 8 inches. Tape the seams using a polyethylene tape. Some laminate flooring comes with a foam backing.

How should I prepare for a laminate flooring installation?

Your subfloor must be: Level within 3/16 inch for every 10 feet Grout lines must be filled in if using tile as a subfloor Plywood subfloors must be sanded or repaired with cement compound Flat. Cleaned All dust and debris should be swept. Structurally sound Clear of any nails, loose screws that squeak or are damaged, or any parts that were damaged by moisture, and more items.

These supplies could include: Glue / Sealant (recommended for kitchens, baths, laundry and water prone areas.)A 6 mil non-recycled (100% virgin) resin polyethylene film (no necessary if you have vapor barrier in your underlayment. Sound Underlayment (depending on building codes and noise needs).

One answer is that laminate floor systems do not function well on uneven surfaces. Before starting any flooring work, inspect the subfloor. Crawl around with a straightedge to find any areas that are more than 1/8-inch high or low. Subfloor seams are the usual suspects.

Is laminate flooring really that toxic?

Laminate flooring is toxic, because the wood-bonding adhesive and top layer contain and emit chemicals, which are harmful to our health. This large American company used to sell laminate flooring which exceeded the safe levels of emitted formaldehyde.

Is Pergo the best laminate?

Pergo is a brand of laminate flooring, and many who have used it claim it is the best. This flooring option is one of the premium laminate flooring choices. If you are considering installing a new laminate in your home, Pergo is a great choice to consider, and here’s why. Pergo flooring, like most laminate flooring choices, is easy to maintain.