How long can plywood be exposed to rain?

A common question is how long plywood takes to dry, and depending on how wet your plywood is to start with, it can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to dry out. If you’re working with single sheets, we’d recommend placing each sheet on at least three supports (ensure these are equally sized and level) on the floor.

A small amount of rain will not ruin plywood. A few showers of rain or a storm on your plywood will be ok as long as it is for only an hour at the most. However, leaving your plywood out in a rain event overnight is not a good idea. This will mean the layers of wood will get soaked by water which can start to affect their structural integrity.

Plywood can get wet, and short, isolated periods of moisture should not cause any long-term damage. Standard plywood is not waterproof, though, and the use of marine plywood or a waterproofing sealant is recommended to prevent rot in especially wet conditions, for example, from outdoor use.

What happens if you leave plywood on wet ground?

High levels of exposure to moisture in unsealed plywood, such as leaving sheets on wet ground for long periods, can be a massive issue leading to cupping and bowing problems in the short term and rot and delamination in the longer term. An example of delaminated plywood is shown below:.

If your plywood has only been exposed to a few hours of moisture or water then it can be saved. It may have some dark discoloring around the edges where the water has started to soak in. The important thing is to keep it covered up and remove any excess water straight away. Once this has done we can then discuss how we go about drying it out.

How long does wet plywood take to dry?

Wet Plywood will dry out after 4-5 days provided it is stacked on packers and has good air circulation that can be achieved around the entire surface of the sheet. If you are just leaving your plywood dry out without the use of a fan or heater, then it could take a couple of weeks to dry out.

How long does plywood last outside?

We’d estimate that untreated plywood would last anywhere from between two to five years outside. The exact length of time will be influenced by a variety of factors, including: The thickness of the plywood sheet, with thicker sheets likely lasting longer.

What factors affect the lifespan of plywood?

The thickness of the plywood sheet, with thicker sheets likely lasting longer. The condition of the plywood prior to being left outside, with any areas of damage caused during initial transportation or storage potentially accelerating deterioration.

How long will untreated pine wood last outside?

Untreated redwood, depending on it’s age, has a projected life span of 50 years or more when exposed to the elements. Pine varieties have a projected life span of only 5 to 10 years.

You should be wondering “What happens when Wood is left untreated and outdoors?”

The woods listed above will lead to further issues when untreated and used outdoors. They are some of the weakest wood species and begin to experience rotting, decay and weakening more rapidly when battling weather elements and outdoor conditions.

What happens to house construction when it gets wet?

Serious damage can happen to houses under construction that are exposed to long periods of wet weather. Light, dry snow and ice are not nearly as bad as standing water. Cold weather slows the growth process of most organisms including wood fungi and most molds.