Do grout color pens work?

The answer is most likely a resounding, “no”, so we recommend that you don’t use a grout pen on the entirety of your grout. Find out more about why grout pens are not the best option when it comes to coloring your tile’s grout by calling The Grout Medic of Northern Virginia today at 703-634-4646.

Miraculous grout pens don’t just work on white grout. Instagrammer @_houseofkate proves that a gray grout pen can completely update the look of a tiled shower stall. Blogger Natalie Lockwood of the Little Mill House spruced up the dark grout in her bathroom with the help of a handy grout pen.

Try the grout pen on a piece of white paper so you can test the color and make sure it matches perfectly before you apply it directly to the grout. Keep a few damp rags nearby in case you need to clean up any excess paint that may get on your tiles.

Moreover, how does Grout pen work?

An answer is that grout pens lay a thin, tinted, waterproof coating over the top of existing grout lines. The paint is applied by a penlike container that you press along the grout. A narrow, pointed tip allows you to create precise lines.

Finally she took a chance on this Miracle Grout Pen to do the job., and miracle indeed! She prepped the floor by sweeping and mopping before starting to trace the grout lines. She wound up using two pens to cover her floor and she told us that her bathroom, “looks and feels better than it ever has.” Thanks for the tip, Nelly!

This of course begs the inquiry “What is the best Grout whitening pen?”

The Rainbow white grout pen is a best-selling grout pen on Amazon, and it makes it super easy to whiten all types of wall and floor grout. This method works best for light-colored grout that needs a refresh, not for changing a dark grout to white.

What color should you Paint Your Grout?

If you’re tired of the standard white grout, you can also use grout pens to update the color in any room. Consider applying a trendy gray color to your grout lines to cover up that boring, classic white you’re tired of. You can also go bold with a black grout pen.

Does Grout shine really work?

I tried two techniques: the first was to let the paste sit for a bit and then scrub. The second was to just dip the brush in the paste and scrub directly on the grout. The second technique was actually more effective. Overall, the grout was noticeably cleaner, but still a bit discolored.

What is the best Grout cleaner?

Granite Gold grout cleaner 10.

If you want to avoid harsh ingredients like bleach and prefer a natural cleaner, we tested this DIY solution using common household items and it actually cleaned our grout better than many store-bought solutions we tried. Plus, it’s safe to use on white and colored grout.