Will a carpet company make me a stair runner?

We can create and install a custom stair runner for you from any carpet that we offer in our store. There are several factors to consider when choosing a stair runner, including color, pattern, and installation method. Keep reading for our tips on selecting the perfect stair runner for your home.

Wrapping a staircase with a carpet runner will make an immediate impression on visitors and create a welcoming environment for you and your family. Com, we specialize in turning the custom fabrication of roll runners into a work of art.

Carpeted stairs add warmth and texture to the home and may also help with noise control and fall prevention. Today’s homeowners can choose between fully carpeted stairs, with carpet covering the entire stair riser, or runners, which cover only a portion of the stairs, leaving the edges exposed to reveal the surface of the staircase.

How to install a stair runner over carpet?

Cut a strip of double-sided tape slightly shorter than the width of the rug. Press the tape along the top edge of the riser of the first tread, placing it just under the nose. Line up the top edge of the runner rug with the tape and press firmly. Use the staple gun to staple the rug in place.

How to install carpet runner on pie shaped stairs?

At the base of the final step, press a bolster chisel along the rug to tighten the rug and create a crease. Measure three inches out from the crease and mark the spot on the rug. Fold the end of the runner under and press it tightly against the final riser to create a hem. Staple into place against the riser.

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If using decorative finials with the stair rods, attach each to the outside edge of the corresponding rod bracket. Line up one bracket against either edge of the runner and slide it back until it sits in the crease where the riser and the tread meet. Hold the brackets in place and mark the spot where you will drill holes for the screws., and more items.