Can you put hardwood flooring in a kitchen?

The short answer is: yes. Hardwood flooring can be installed anywhere in your home. But realize that there are different upkeep rules for a kitchen when compared to other rooms, such as a bedroom.

Longevity and Value . Kitchen wood floors offer outstanding value over the 50-100 years they last, and homebuyers are drawn to hardwood. Warmer than tile. Hardwood floors in kitchen settings are warmer and easier on feet compared with stone and ceramic tile, especially when you’re standing during prep and cleanup. Easy to clean. Not very problematic.

Should you select hardwood flooring in the kitchen?

Hardwood flooring is a good choice for your kitchen if you can afford it, are willing to be diligent about caring for it, and want the appeal of wholly natural flooring material . It will be a less successful choice if you have a busy or messy family, or if you have budget concerns.

Wood flooring can run as little as $3 to $4 per square foot on the lower end and as much as $10 or even $20 for exotic Finish Options. All hardwood flooring in a kitchen must be coated with a durable finish to protect the wood from moisture, stains, and wear.

What is the best hardwood flooring for a kitchen?

Most of today’s popular kitchen flooring finishes are suitable for kitchens. Hardwood flooring finishes come in sheens from low-shine satin to high-gloss. Species, complementing other wood surfaces, cost, edges, upkeep, not every wood flooring material is the same, or wood flooring is installed by laying interlocking planks as well are a few additional ideas to keep in mind.

Is engineered wood in a kitchen a bad idea?

We have engineered natural oak wood floors in our kitchen. They are not a problem, a little harder to keep clean as you have to sweep more often to prevent scratches but the look is well worth it. I also use the recommended cleaner from the floor installer. The wood floor is warm looking and looks great w/ the light cherry cabinets. The only issue is that they might dent if you drop something heavy on them.