Can an engineered wood floor be refinished?

In short, yes you can refinish engineered hardwood flooring but there are things to consider are how many times has it been refinished and how thick your wear layer is. Let’s take a closer look. Reach out to our team for more expert advice.

Can engineered wood floors be refinished?

As I mentioned above, yes you can refinish engineered hardwood flooring. But it all depends on the thickness of the top layer. Typical engineered hardwoods have a wear layer thickness that ranges from 3mm to 7mm. The sanding process in refinishing your flooring will take off 1mm.

How much does an engineered wood floor cost?

While there are many different factors that impact the floor installation cost of your engineered hardwood, there are typical costs you should be aware of. Generally speaking, estimates of the cost of engineered hardwood run between just under $2,000 to just under $7,000. You might be thinking to yourself: “This is a huge range!

What it’s made of? What the backing is made of? Plywood and birch are common backings. What is the sealant or finish? Most floors are sealed with Polyurethane or Aluminum Oxide. What the humidity rating is? Does the company consider sustainability and toxins in their product?

BEST OVERALL Vinyl flooring is our number one choice for If you value the price of your home, it is a worthy investment. While engineered hardwood flooring is expensive, it may be prudent to install it in the most trafficked areas of your home.

Moreover, is engineered wood better than solid wood?

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The exception to hardwood and engineered wood’s interchangeability comes down to water damage. Engineered wood flooring is a better choice in high-moisture environments than solid hardwood, making it a better option for kitchens, bathrooms and basements. But, for whole-house installations, both flooring options offer a wide range of style choices.