What do you cut rebar with?

Cut Rebar with Circular Saw Using a circular saw can be the most common and simple way to cut the rebar. A circular saw is widely used at construction sites for this cause.

You can quickly and easily be cut rebar into pre-marked lengths using a hand-held or table-mounted circular saw. Although bolt cutters are typically thought of for cutting chains, padlocks and bolts, they are practically custom-made for cutting rebar.

Rebar can also be cut using a reciprocating saw. It is also known as teeth saw. The method is to set the device in the straight mode instead of the oscillating mode. To avoid damaging the blade, set the speed to slow.

Measure the length to which the rebar must be cut using a measuring tape. Position the rebar on a solid, steady work surface. Clamp the rebar securely to the work surface, with the clamp positioned as near to the point where the rebar will be cut as the work surface allows.

You should be wondering “Can you use a rebar cutter to cut ungraded rebar?”

Use rebar cutters on maximum Grade 60 steel reinforcing bars only. ˚ese tools are not to be used in cutting other kinds of metal or materials. Do not cut ungraded rebar. IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to cut rebar by locking the off/on switch to the on position.

Can you use a hacksaw to cut rebar?

When you have small amounts of rebar to cut, a hacksaw could do the job. However, note that this is a manual tool, and prolonged use will be highly tiring and inefficient. For this reason, hacksaws aren’t recommended for cutting rebar at construction sites.

Some people may argue that it’s possible to cut through rebar using abrasive blades. However, this is not recommended as these blades are better suited for loose rebar or ordinary steel/iron rods.

How do I set the stopper for rebar cutting?

Keeping rebar at right angles (90 de – grees) to front cutter block, screw out stopper until it is just touching the rebar. Once set, the stopper needs no further adjustment while cutting rebar of the same diameter, but must be reset for a different size rebar. CAUTION: Failure to correctly set.

Which part of rebar cutters do you lubricate?

Operators should lubricate the oil holes on both ends of the machine at regular intervals. Usually, 4-5 times per shift can be used to fill oil in this part of the equipment.

CAUTION: Use a rebar or flat metal bar for this purpose. Never push cutter block with any part of the hand, even if gloved. NOTE: Rebar cutters manufactured in after 2007 have a safety release valve for retracting the piston if it doesn’t re- turn to the start position.

One more query we ran across in our research was “Why buy an electric hydraulic rebar cutter?”.

If you have to cut rebar regularly and/or your jobs require larger diameter rebar, it makes sense to invest in an electric hydraulic rebar cutter. It will pay for itself and increase your profits faster than you think.