What do you cut drywall with?

Making a Hole in a Sheet of Drywall

Tape measure
Keyhole saw (for small holes)
Drywall saw (for large holes)
Drywall rasp.

Makita 5007mg magnesium circular saw, qwork twin blade adjustable hole saw cutter, or summit gear heavy duty folding utility knife in addition are a couple extra ideas to take a look at.

Run a utility knife along your square to cut the paper and some of the drywall core. Take the knife out and place it at the bottom of the drywall to make the rest of your cut in an upward direction. If you are not tall enough to reach the top of the drywall sheet, you can lay it down on the floor to make your cuts instead. Use a new, sharp blade since a dull blade could tear the paper on your drywall.

Set the compass to the radius of the can plus ~1/16″ and poke the point in the hole where you had the pushpin. Using light pressure, rotate the compass so the wheel scores the drywall. It isn’t supposed to make the cut – it just marks it for you. Then use your handy-dandy drywall saw to cut the hole.

In order to repair drywall: First, make sure the old drywall is clean and in good condition. Use a stud finder to locate existing wall studs, then remove the damaged section of drywall between them with a utility or putty knife. Take down any exposed hardware or outer paper, then hang the new piece of drywall in the wall opening, along the edge of the old., and more items.

How do you cut a round hole in drywall for lights?

Measure the round box edges the same way as we showed for recessed lights. Then lay out the position on the drywall. A drywall square speeds the process. Use an extra round box as a pattern (or use a compass) to draw the cutout. Punch the drywall saw through the drywall with the heel of your hand, then saw along the outside of the line.

How to cut drywall holes for electrical outlets?

Cut out drywall holes for electrical outlets with a drywall saw. This article will show you how to cut clean, accurate holes in drywall for electrical boxes and lights. And without making a mess. Follow this advice to cut perfect sized openings—not too big, not too small and without broken corners.

How do you cut recessed lighting openings?

You can cut openings for recessed lights by laying them out as we show and then drawing a circle with a compass and simply cutting the openings with am electric drywall saw. But if you have several recessed light openings to cut out, invest in a circle cutter. It works like a compass and cuts large circles fast and accurately.