What colors does bamboo flooring come in?

Bamboo flooring is more natural than a laminate floor, and it is one of its significant advantages. Some home buyers love the look of a natural bamboo floor, and they mostly prefer it to a laminate option, especially when the laminate floors are of lower-quality.

One inquiry we ran across in our research was “What paint color goes with bamboo floors?”.

– Green is an obvious first choice to partner with bamboo. If the space you are designing needs some warmth and excitement then Coral could be your colour. Imagine the colour of terracotta tiles, old red bricks and powdered spices piled high. Blue-greens are the key to using this hue with bamboo.

What does bamboo flooring look like?

Unless it is stained, most bamboo flooring has a natural blonde or amber color that resembles unfinished maple or birch, but darker tones are available through a process called carbonizing, which entails subjecting the planks to high temperatures.

Bamboo flooring is often mistaken for another type of hardwood flooring, and it is, in fact, commonly understood as “ solid-hardwood” flooring . Both bamboo and hardwood have a similar look and feel, and both are available in 3/4-inch thick solid planks as well as engineered versions with a finish-quality natural veneer applied over man-made core layers.

This of course begs the inquiry “What is the difference between bamboo flooring and hardwood?”

Hardwood floors are natural and durable, but expensive. Bamboo floors are cheaper and growing in popularity. While hardwood flooring can last up to 75 – 100 years, bamboo floors have a lifespan of 10 – 25 years. Both types of flooring are prone to warping from humidity in the environment.

How to choose bamboo flooring?

There are many varieties of bamboo flooring options on the market today, but not all of them offer the same benefits. Bamboo can differ in strength and durability, as well as its ability to help the environment. While all bamboo is considered “green flooring” and a sustainable material, the degree to.

You can’t shove a square peg through a round hole, and you can’t make a flat floor using rounded bamboo stalks. That’s why our skilled workers feed the hollow bamboo poles through a specially designed slicer, splicing them into thin, equally sized strips before peeling away their green outer layer.

Top-quality bamboo flooring is as durable as traditional hardwood flooring . However, quality can vary, and bamboo does tend to absorb more moisture than hardwoods. For those who prefer modern decor, bamboo flooring has a clean, contemporary look. Properly finished bamboo flooring cleans easily with a mop and mild soap.

Then, what are the problems with bamboo flooring?

Some think that don’t walk on a floor in street footwear;daily carry out the dry cleaning of a floor by means of the vacuum cleaner ;regularly clear rugs at an entrance to the house of dirt and dust.

Like cork flooring, bamboo is a good material for consumers who like something different, or who want to make a statement by using a renewable resource. Aesthetically, bamboo can work with almost any home style, though it is best suited for contemporary settings.