How to clean engineered wood flooring?

This all-purpose cleaner is ideal for finished wood floors, both solid wood and engineered wood. Example: ¼ cup alcohol, 1 cup distilled water, 2 drops Blue Dawn. Or 1/2 cup alcohol, 2 cups distilled water, 4 to 6 drops Blue Dawn. Mix this up in a spray bottle each time you clean the floors, or you can make it up ahead. The recipe multiplies well.

Fortunately, the most common step to cleaning your engineered hardwood floors is also the simplest: get familiar with your broom. It’s also important to mop your floors periodically. Again, how often you do this depends on the activity your floors see. Even with a regular cleaning routine, dirt and grime can build up over time—that’s just part of using your floors.

What do you use to clean engineered hardwood floors?

With all that being said, here are our cleaning tips for engineered hardwood floors: Clean Dirt and Debris Regularly One of the main things to note with maintaining and cleaning engineered hardwood floors is that consistency is key. Damp Mop Running a damp mop over your engineered hardwood floors will pick up any set in dirt or debris that your vacuum, broom, or cloth couldn’t get.

How to refinish engineered wood floors?

Any handy homeowner can refinishtheir own hardwood floors. Before you begin your project, prepyour space with a microfiber dustmop and then a vacuum. Remove everything from the room, downto the shoe molding, and cover air vents, lights, windows, and doors with plastic. Sand the floor with a random-orbit.

You might be wondering “Can I refinish my engineered hardwood floor?”

One answer is, there are some engineered hardwood floors that cannot be refinished because the layer of veneer is too thin. However, with most engineered hardwood floors, you should be able to refinish them 1-3x max. However, if your engineered floors are also hand scraped, like ours are, that adds in another layer of complication.

How do you care for Engineered wood floors?

Use a broom or hardwood floor mop for cleaning wood floors daily. A microfiber dust mop pre-treated with a dusting agent will pick up dust and dirt and prevent scratches. Vacuum your hardwood floor once a week. When vacuuming hardwood floors, be careful to always turn the brush roll off since it can scratch your floors.